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We are performing server maintenance from 11pm 10/10/2017 to 3am 11/10/2017.
During the server maintenance period, the web service maybe unavailable. Apologize for any inconvenience that may have caused.
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Etutor.eClass consists of iChinese, iAssessment, iBook and iFunland. iChinese is a comprehensive multimedia curriculum material synchronised with Singapore MOE syllabus. iAssessment is an electronic question bank with several thousand of exercises and examination questions written based on Singapore MOE syllabus. iBook is a compilation of levelled pictorial E-Books. iFunland is an interactive multimedia reading programme which helps children to enhance all round language skills.

Reading Magazine

Reading skill is important to children as it allows them to comprehend, interpret and become engaged with the world. ‘Hao Peng You’ (好朋友®), ‘Zhi Shi Hua Bao’ (知识画报®), and ‘Zhi Shi Bao’ (知识报®)Reading Magazines educate, entertain and motivate children, and enlarge their understanding of the world around them. These three magazines are the most influential student Chinese magazines in Singapore.

Etutor Learning Apps

Etutor Apps integrates traditional education model with tablet technology, animation and e-learning functions. Children acquire language skills through stories, and multimedia activities embedded in the assessment exercises, making their learning interesting and highly efficient.

EtutorStar Learning Pen

EtutorStar Learning Pen is Singapore 1st Syllabus-aligned voice enhance learning pen. It is a combination of optical recognition technology and speech synthesis. It is a great tool for listening, oral and reading practices, making language learning easier and more efficient, helps children to learn proper pronunciation from young age.

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EtutorStar Audio Books

EtutorStar audio books and magazines are written based on students and young children learning needs, learning topic and levels. The audio books cover reading materials and all-round language skills training including oral, listening, writing and comprehension skills in both Chinese and English.

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Assessment & Guide Books

Over the past 30 years, Success Publications has been providing high quality assessment and guides books to the pre-school, primary and secondary levels. Our books range from English, Chinese, Mathematic to Science for all levels.

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Etutor.eOral Exam Pack

Etutor.eOral is based on 2017 PSLE new E-oral video conversation format and requirements. It is an excellent self-learning material and practice tool, where students get familiar with exam format and well-prepared for examination. Animation demonstration of E-Oral procedure simulation, guide & tips help students to score good grade in E-Oral Examination.

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