Warranty Registration

Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for your purchase! To apply for the free one-year warranty, you can either mail in your warranty card or fill out the online form below.
Important Notice: Please ensure that all information provided in the online form is accurate. If the proof of purchase or receipt is inconsistent with the information provided, the warranty will be void. Additionally, please keep your proof of purchase or receipt as you will need to present it to make a warranty claim.

Warranty Terms

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Warranty Online Registration

1. This warranty is valid only in the Republic of Singapore. 2. You must provide proof of original purchase of the Product by adapted itemized receipt to be eligible for this limited warranty. 3. This warranty for the Product is for twelve (12) months (excluding all wear and tear), from the date of your purchase ("Warranty Period"). 4. For Products that are capable of storing data: E-Com is not responsible or liable for any data stored on the Product that is lost, deleted or becomes otherwise inaccessible. All data may be deleted from the Product during servicing. You should remove or make a backup copy of any data stored on the Product before sending the Product for service or repair. 5. This warranty applies to defects resulting from production process or normal use by the product within one year but excluding defects caused through any of the following :

 a. Defects caused by faulty use by the user or inexorable force (water leaking etc.)  b. Unauthorized disassembly or attempt of repair of the product.  c. Use of accessories (battery, adaptor etc.) not specified by the manufacturer.  d. Failure to present this Warrant Card for service.  e. This limited warranty does not cover any accessories.

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