About Etutor iAssessment

Etutor iAssessment LMS Portal is a web-based Electronic Question Bank with Teaching and Learning Management System. Teachers will align their efforts to achieve the use of ICT and to achieve the desired outcome where students develop competencies for self-directed (SDL). Etutor LMS helps to alleviate the workload of teachers, and improve teaching effectiveness.

The contents of the Etutor iAssessment LMS Portal are written based on the current Singapore Ministry of Education Primary School Chinese Textbook syllabus. The questions are synchronized with the school teaching, according to the latest Chinese textbooks and examination requirements. All exercises and tests are equipped with automated marking and scoring functions; each student has an individual login account, students can learn from home or at school or on any computer with internet access learning. Teacher can take the initiative to customized the iAssignment for their pupils and manage students’ assignment completion records easily, this will help to alleviate the workload of teachers.


Etutor iAssessment Question Bank
Etutor iAssessment question bank is written in accordance to the Singapore MOE latest curriculum. All questions are aligned according to "Lesson Unit" and "Itemized Exercise" format. The portal is equipped with self-learning functions such as Automatic Marking, Grading and Time Counter. Students and teachers or parents could track learning records anytime. Weaker areas could be easily determined and strengthened to achieve improvement results.
Main Features
Electronic Question Bank with several thousand of question sets for Singapore Primary School Chinese and Higher Chinese suitable for Primary 1 to 6 levels.
Questions databank was grouped into Chinese and Higher Chinese Level.
Aligned according to “Lesson Unit” Questions – written based on the new curriculum for Chinese learning. Could practice base on school’s teaching progress.
“Itemized Exercise” Questions –help in strengthening the students’ weaker areas.
Instant automatic Marking, Grading, and Time Counter – understand the students’ learning pace, answering speed, and exam adaptation.
Time and Date stamping for every exercise completed, ease teachers, parents and students to track performance and records.
Students could practice and revise based on their individual learning needs or the school’s teaching progress.
Students have unlimited and unrestricted access to all exercises at all times.
Complete model answers.
Excellent Statistics Reports by graphical chart and trend-line indicating.
Effective and efficient method to evaluate student’s language proficiency.