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  • Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

    Q1. What age group is recommended for the ET-901 Language Pen?

    A: The ET-901 Language Pen is recommended for learners of various age groups from age 5 onwards, who need quick and convenient access to definitions and translations while reading or studying.

    Q2: Is the ET-901 Language Pen suitable for adults?

    A: The ET-901 Language Pen is designed to cater to adults as well. It offers numerous benefits for adult language learners looking to expand their vocabulary, improve pronunciation, or conveniently access language assistance. The pen's features, including dictionary lookup and highly accurate translation capabilities, make it a valuable portable tool for adults seeking to enhance their language skills, particularly in English and Chinese. It can also assist in reading and comprehending texts across these languages.

    Q3. How to turn on/off ET-901?

    (1) Short hold Power Button to turn on or off your ET-901 Language Pen.
    (2) Long hold (2 seconds) to shut down or restart device.
    (3) Extra long hold (16 seconds) to reset device.

    Q4. How to scan?

    (1) Hold the pen and keep it at a 60 degree angle to the paper. Press on paper and drag the pen from left to the right to scan and look up text.
    (2) Go to the Settings and select Multi-line scanning. Enables you to scan multiple lines of text provided you start to scan the next line within 1 second of lifting the pen from the previous line.

    Q5. How to record?

    (1) Short press Main/Recording Button to return to home screen.
    (2) Press and hold button to record and look up voice input.

    Q6. How to charge ET-901?

    A: Use the supplied cable to connect the Type-C Charging Port on your ET-901 Language Pen to charge.

    Q7. How to connect WiFi?

    A: Go to the Settings menu and select WiFi. Switch on WiFi and select WiFi network you want to connect to.

    Q8. How to connect Bluetooth?

    A: Go to the Settings menu and select Bluetooth. Switch on Bluetooth to start searching for nearby devices you wish to connect to.

    Q9. How to update software?

    (1) To install the latest version of the software, your ET-901 Language Pen must be at least 30% charged and connected to the Internet.
    (2) Go to the Settings and select Software Version. You can choose whether to have the pen check and update automatically, or to initiate checks and updates manually.

    Q10. Does the ET-901 Language Pen comes with warranty?

    A: ET-901 Language Pen comes with one-year hardware limited warranty. Do not disassemble the ET-901 Language Pen, which will affect its proper working and warranty.

    Q11. How to purchase the ET-901 Language Pen?

    A: You may browse and buy through our website www.etutormall.com/ET901

    Please contact our helpdesk 67427555, WhatsApp Message 90126012 or email service@ecombay.com for assistance.
  • FAQ常见问题

    Q1. 如何启动ET-901词典笔?

    (1) 短按电源键 锁屏或解锁。
    (2) 长按(2秒)开机、关机或重启。(3) 按住并保持16秒以上,可强制重启。

    Q2. 如何进行扫描?

    (1) 握笔时,笔头平贴纸面,建议字体和纸面呈60度夹角。笔头向下轻压,从左向右均匀迅速滑动。
    (2) 在设置 [Settings] 里选择“多行扫描”[Multi-line scanning],开启多行扫描的功能开关。扫描时,请在抬笔后的1秒内开始进行一行(或多行)扫描。

    Q3. 如何进行语音查询?

    (1) 短按主键/录音键 返回主页。
    (2) 长按以启动及进行语音查询。

    Q4. 如何充电ET-901词典笔?

    A: 使用随附的数据线连接ET-901词典笔笔身的 Type-C 充电接口进行充电。

    Q5. 如何连接 WiFi?

    A: 在设置 [Settings] 里选择“WiFi”,开启WiFi功能开关,选择连接的 WiFi 进行连接。

    Q6. 如何连接蓝牙?

    A: 在设置 [Settings] 里选择“蓝牙”[Bluetooth],开启蓝牙功能开关,开始搜索周围可用的蓝牙设备。 点击需要连接的蓝牙设备,开始连接。连接成功后,蓝牙名称下方会标识出“Connected”。

    Q7. 如何升级更新、安装新版本?

    (1) 在充电且息屏状态下,如果ET-901词典笔的电量大于30% 且已联网,系统会自动对新版本进行升级更新。
    (2) 如果ET-901 词典笔已联网,可以通过设置 [Settings] 里选择“Software Version”来手动检测新版本。 当检测到有新版本且电量满足要求时,可以下载并安装。

    Q8. ET-901词典笔是否有保修?

    A: ET-901词典笔提供一年硬件有限保修。请勿拆解ET-901词典笔,这会影响其正常使用和保修。

    Q9. 如何购买ET-901词典笔?

    A: 您可以通过我们的网站(www.etutormall.com/ET901)浏览、查询及购买ET-901 词典笔。

    请联系我们的客服热线 67427555, WhatsApp Message 90126012 或发送电邮至 service@ecombay.com 询问ET-901的相关信息或寻求帮助。
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